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Homan ZZ1048E17EB0 cargo truck manufactured by Sinotruk Fujian Haixi Automobile Co., Ltd. (Haixi Auto)

Homan cargo truck ZZ1048E17EB0


Homan Chinese cargo truck ZZ1048E17EB0 manufactured by Sinotruk Fujian Haixi Automobile Co., Ltd. (Haixi Auto) (a manufacturing enterprise in Yongan, Fujian Province, China; manufactures a range of vehicles, including cargo trucks); the cargo truck based on ZZ1048E17EB0 chassis. Cab seating capacity is  3, 2, max. speed is 90 km/h, diesel fuel, gross vehicle weight is 3785 kg, environmental standard is GB17691-2005 National V / Euro 5, GB3847-2005, tires are 7.00R16LT 6PR, 7.50R16LT 6PR, cargo body is 4200/4150/3850 × 500/450/400 × 2300/2150/2050/1960 mm, with ABS, engine: YN27CRE1 / YN33CRE2 / JE493ZLQ5, curb weight is of the Chinese truck 2160 kg, rated capacity is 1495, 1430 kg, wheelbase is 3300 mm.

Technical Specifications of the Chinese truck Homan

Vehicle Overview

Vehicle modelZZ1048E17EB0
Vehicle typeCargo truck
  • LEZAD1CA×××××××××
  • LEZAB1CA×××××××××
  • LEZAD1CB×××××××××
  • LEZAB1CB×××××××××
A subsidiary of CNHTC - China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Corporation (Sinotruk).
Manufacturer's locationYongan, Fujian Province, China.
Vehicle chassisZZ1048E17EB0

Engine of the Chinese truck Homan ZZ1048E17EB0

#Engine ModelEngine DisplacementEngine PowerEngine Manufacturer
1YN27CRE12672 cc70 kW (96 hp)Kunming Yunnei Power Co., Ltd.
2YN33CRE23298 cc75 kW (102 hp)Kunming Yunnei Power Co., Ltd.
3JE493ZLQ52771 cc85 kW (116 hp)Jiangxi Isuzu Engine Co., Ltd
General Engine Specifications
Fueldiesel fuel
Environmental standards complianceGB17691-2005 National V / Euro 5, GB3847-2005

Dimensions and Weights of the Chinese truck Homan ZZ1048E17EB0

Dimensions and Weight Specifications of the Chinese truck
Overall Dimensions of the Chinese truck
Overall length (mm)5995
Overall width (mm)2498/2250/2150/2060
Overall height (mm)2520
Cargo Body Dimensions
Cargo body length (mm)4200/4150/3850
Cargo body width (mm)500/450/400
Cargo body height (mm)2300/2150/2050/1960
Weights, Ground Pressure and Capacity
Rated capacity (kg)1495, 1430
Curb weight of the Chinese truck (kg)2160
Gross vehicle weight (kg)3785
Load factor (payload to weight ratio)0.75
Axle load distribution (kg)1365/2420
Wheel Base and Track
Wheelbase (mm)3300
Front track (mm)1825, 1730, 1625, 1605, 1570
Rear track (mm)1790, 1615, 1595, 1540, 1520, 1485
Front and Rear Overhang
Front overhang (mm)1175
Rear overhang (mm)1520
Angle of Approach and Departure
Angle of approach (deg.)20
Angle of departure (deg.)16

Wheels and Tires

Tires and Wheels of the Chinese truck Homan ZZ1048E17EB0
Number of axles2
Number of tires6
Tires dimension7.00R16LT 6PR, 7.50R16LT 6PR

Misc. Specifications

Miscellaneous Specifications Homan ZZ1048E17EB0 (cargo truck)
Max. speed90
Cab seating capacity3, 2
Steeringsteering wheel
Leaf springs3 / 5+3, 8 / 9+6, 11 / 9+7, 9 / 12+9, 11 / 11+7, 9 / 10+8, 4 / 6+7

Additional Information

The optional single-row cab; optional different styles of masks and bumpers, optional different-looking container; when loaded single row cab and cargo box length 4200,4150mm correspondence; when you replace half row cab, and cargo box corresponding to 3850mm length; guard material: Q235, connection: bolted; the rear guard section size (height × width) (mm): 100 × 50, thickness: 5mm, ground clearance: 360mm. YN27CRE1 / YN33CRE2 / JE493ZLQ5 reporting engine fuel consumption value (L / 100km) corresponds to the relationship: 12.6 / 12.8 / 12.7. ABS System Controller Model: XH-KQ4S4M-E01, ABS system controller Company: Guangzhou City West together
(Note: possible inaccuracies)

Photo gallery of the Chinese truck Homan ZZ1048E17EB0

Homan cargo truck ZZ1048E17EB0 Homan cargo truck ZZ1048E17EB0 Homan cargo truck ZZ1048E17EB0 Homan cargo truck ZZ1048E17EB0