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Howo trucks, buses and special purpose vehicles manufactured by China National Heavy-duty Truck Corporation (Sinotruk)

Sinotruk Group Co., Ltd.

Sinotruk Group Co., Ltd. is a heavy duty truck manufacturer located in China in Jinan (Shandong Province), m:manufactures dump trucks (tipper trucks), tractor units, cargo trucks, off-road trucks, concrete mixer trucks (cement mixers), box van trucks, stake trucks, container carrier vehicles, bus chassis, box van trucks with soft canopy top, buses, special purpose vehicle chassis, tractor units for container transportation, flatbed lowboy (low-bed, low loader) semi-trailers, special off-road trucks, and other vehicles under such brands as , , , , , , .

Dump truck

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Mining dump truck

Manufacturer:Sinotruk Group Co., Ltd. (China)
Chassis:ZZ3317M38E7WAxle loads (kg):7000/24000
Engine:WD615.87 / WD615.87Axles:4
Power (kW):213 / 213Overall (mm):9960 × 2496 × 3170/33…
Cargo body (mm):7000 × 2300 × 1200/15…Curb weight (kg):15300, 15500
Gross weight (kg):31000Overhang (mm):1500/1935
Wheelbase (mm):3825+1350+1350Seating capacity:2
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Off-road dump truck

Manufacturer:Sinotruk Group Co., Ltd. (China)
Chassis:ZZ3257N3657C1DGross weight (kg):25000
Engine:WD615.95C; WD615.96CWheelbase (mm):3600+1400
Power (kW):249; 279Tires:14.00R20
Fuel:diesel fuelAxle loads (kg):7500/8600/8900
Capacity (kg):12450Axles:3
Cargo body (mm):5000 × 1300 × 2300Number of tyres:6
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Tractor unit

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Container transport tractor unit

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Container carrier vehicle

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Bus chassis

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City bus

  • Huanghe city buses
  • Engine: YC6MK320N-50; T10.32-50; YC6MK340N-50
  • Passengers: 150/30-62, 160/30-62
  • Gross weight: 28000 kg
  • Wheelbase: 5800+6150 mm
  • Curb weight: 18200, 17600 kg
  • Axle loads: 6000/10500/11500 kg
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Box body van trailer

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Stake trailer

Manufacturer:Sinotruk Group Co., Ltd. (China)
Capacity (kg):31700Axle loads (kg):-/24000
Cargo body (mm):12850 × 600 × 2350Axles:3
Fifth wheel (kg):15900Number of tyres:12
Gross weight (kg):39900Overall (mm):13000 × 2500 × 3150
Wheelbase (mm):6830+1310+1310Curb weight (kg):8200
Tires:11.00-2012PROverhang (mm):-/2150
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Container transport trailer

Manufacturer:Sinotruk Group Co., Ltd. (China)
Fifth wheel (kg):15550Number of tyres:12
Gross weight (kg):39500Overall (mm):12500 × 2440 × 1620
Wheelbase (mm):6000+1350+1350Curb weight (kg):7990
Tires:12.00-20Overhang (mm):/2300
Axle loads (kg):/23950 Leaf springs:13/13/13
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Dump trailer

Manufacturer:Sinotruk Group Co., Ltd. (China)
Cargo body (mm):8800 × 2300 × 1500Axles:3
Fifth wheel (kg):15900Number of tyres:12
Gross weight (kg):39900Overall (mm):9830 × 2500 × 3750
Wheelbase (mm):4680+1310+1310Curb weight (kg):11000
Tires:11.00-20, 12.00-20Overhang (mm):-/1360
Axle loads (kg):-/24000 Leaf springs:-/8/8/8, -/10/10/10
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Petrochemical trailer

Oil tank trailer

Manufacturer:Sinotruk Group Co., Ltd. (China)
Fifth wheel (kg):14050Number of tyres:8
Gross weight (kg):32000Overall (mm):13000 × 2500 × 3530
Wheelbase (mm):7350+1350Curb weight (kg):8260
Tires:11.00-2016PROverhang (mm):/2800
Axle loads (kg):/17950 Leaf springs:13/13
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Food trailer

Liquid food transport tank trailer

Manufacturer:Sinotruk Group Co., Ltd. (China)
Fifth wheel (kg):15700Number of tyres:12
Gross weight (kg):39700Overall (mm):13000 × 2500 × 3980
Wheelbase (mm):7280+1305+1305Curb weight (kg):15260
Tires:12.00-20Overhang (mm):/1710
Axle loads (kg):/24000 Leaf springs:13/13/13
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Off-road vehicle

Manufacturer:Sinotruk Group Co., Ltd. (China)
Chassis:ZZ2167M4627AAxle loads (kg):6000/10000
Engine:WD615.62 / WD615.87Axles:2
Power (kW):196 / 213Overall (mm):8268 × 2496 × 3200
Cargo body (mm):5500 × 2300 × 600Curb weight (kg):8000
Gross weight (kg):16000Overhang (mm):1578/2090
Wheelbase (mm):4600Seating capacity:2
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Off-road truck

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Special off-road truck

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Cargo truck

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Box van truck

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Soft top box van truck

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Stake truck

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Special purpose vehicle chassis

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Truck chassis

Manufacturer:Sinotruk Group Co., Ltd. (China)
Engine:MC11.32-40; MC11.36-40Axle loads (kg):6000/10000
Power (kW):238; 268Axles:2
Fuel:diesel fuelNumber of tyres:6
Gross weight (kg):16000Overall (mm):7965 × 2496 × 3210
Wheelbase (mm):4600Curb weight (kg):6950
Tires:315/80R22.5 16PR, 295…Overhang (mm):1475/1890
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Oilfield special vehicle chassis

Manufacturer:Sinotruk Group Co., Ltd. (China)
Engine:MC13.48-40Axle loads (kg):12000/12000/31000
Power (kW):356Axles:4
Fuel:diesel fuelNumber of tyres:12
Gross weight (kg):55000Overall (mm):12648 × 2800 × 3310
Wheelbase (mm):1950+5650+1450Curb weight (kg):20500
Tires:15.5R20/12.00R24Overhang (mm):1578/2020
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Off-road truck chassis

Manufacturer:Sinotruk Group Co., Ltd. (China)
Engine:MC11.36-40Axle loads (kg):7000/18000
Power (kW):268Axles:3
Fuel:diesel fuelNumber of tyres:6
Gross weight (kg):25000Overall (mm):10068 × 2496 × 3300
Wheelbase (mm):4600+1400Curb weight (kg):10800
Tires:14.00R20Overhang (mm):1578/2490
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Special purpose vehicle

Belt conveyor truck chassis

Manufacturer:Sinotruk Group Co., Ltd. (China)
Engine:WD615.95Axle loads (kg):6500/7000/17500
Power (kW):247Axles:4
Fuel:diesel fuelNumber of tyres:12
Gross weight (kg):31000Overall (mm):11970 × 2496 × 2490
Wheelbase (mm):1800+3800+1350Curb weight (kg):11670
Tires:11.00-20, 11.00R20, 1…Overhang (mm):2700/2320
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Emergency rescue vehicle

Emergency water treatment vehicle

Water purifier truck

Manufacturer:Sinotruk Group Co., Ltd. (China)
Chassis:ZZ2317N4977D1Wheelbase (mm):1950+4300+1400, 1950+
Engine:D10.34-40; D10.38-40;…Tires:11.00-20, 11.00R20, 1…
Power (kW):249; 276; 249; 279Axle loads (kg):6500/7000/17500
Fuel:diesel fuelAxles:4
Capacity (kg):4200Number of tyres:12, 8
Gross weight (kg):31000Overall (mm):11778 × 2500 × 3410
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Municipal sanitation truck

Snow remover truck

Manufacturer:Sinotruk Group Co., Ltd. (China)
Chassis:ZZ2167M5227D1Tires:11.00-20, 11.00R20, 1…
Engine:D10.28-40; D10.31-40Axle loads (kg):6000/9630
Power (kW):206; 228Axles:2
Fuel:diesel fuelNumber of tyres:6, 4
Gross weight (kg):15630Overall (mm):7805/8305 × 2496 × 34…
Wheelbase (mm):3800, 4300, 4600, 5200Curb weight (kg):15500
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Road and bridge construction vehicle

Seal coating truck

Synchronous chip sealer truck

Manufacturer:Sinotruk Group Co., Ltd. (China)
Chassis:ZZ3317N3867C2Wheelbase (mm):1800+3800+1350
Engine:WD615.95C; WD615.95E;…Tires:11.00-20, 11.00R20, 1…
Power (kW):249; 247; 279; 276Axle loads (kg):6500/7000/17500
Fuel:diesel fuelAxles:4
Capacity (kg):11570Number of tyres:12
Gross weight (kg):31000Overall (mm):11150 × 2496 × 3850
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Concrete mixer

Concrete mixer truck
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Special transport vehicle

Bulk powder tank truck

Pneumatic unloading bulk cement truck

Manufacturer:Sinotruk Group Co., Ltd. (China)
Chassis:ZZ2252M4350XOverall (mm):10351 × 2496 × 3450
Engine:WD615.77 / WD615.77Curb weight (kg):15040
Power (kW):206 / 206Overhang (mm):1576/3100
Gross weight (kg):25000Seating capacity:2
Wheelbase (mm):4325+1350Speed (km/h):73
Axles:3Displacement (cc):9726 / 9726
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Company brief profile

Sinotruk Group Co., Ltd.

Company nameSinotruk Group Co., Ltd.TypeHeavy duty truck manufacturer
Company locationJinanStreet addressJinan City, Shandong Province Road 165 Heroes
RegionShandong Province, China (PRC)Zip250002
Phone number0531-85586130Fax number(0531)85586000